Does your best furry friend have a little extra weight?  Is she showing signs of teenage behavior?  Is she just not regular like she should be?  Check her paw for the remote! She may be becoming a Couch Potato!  Just like we humans, our pets need a little fresh air and some exercise to keep us healthy, and on our best behavior! Not only will your brain and body be stimulated, but so will your pets.  For them, being able to let off that extra energy keeps them from needing to find ways to dispose of it in your home by chewing, barking, jumping, or digging.  Here are a few great ways to get you both off of the couch!

(1) Call a Friend – a friend with a pet similar to yours is a great person to share the outdoors with!  By organizing a play date with another pet, your Sweet Jean gets to stay on top of her socialization skills as well as improve her fetching skills.
(2) Visit a Pet Friendly Cafe – many restaurants in the Chattanooga area offer Pet Friendly outdoor seating so that you can enjoy a cup ‘o joe with your best friend.  Take a water bowl for Fido so he can have a slurp too!
(3)  Take Kitty on a stroll – while some cats won’t take to a leash, try a stroller so that your kitty can take in the sites and not have to feel like they are out in the open.
(4)  Go Take a Hike – Dogs love climbing around, so do lizards and turtles.  Take a little rolled up mesh and make your reptile an outdoor cage over a naturally rocky or grassy  area while you enjoy lunch or the scenic view.
Hopefully your mind is rolling with fun things to do with your pet today!  Chattanooga is a great place to have a pet!  Go check out a local dog park, or just get out there in the back yard.  They will love you for it!