It’s always exciting when you bring your new cat home with you! You’re excited that you will have a new soft fuzzy friend, and she is excited to see a new adventure! But you have to keep in mind that Mittens is relying solely on you to make her transition to her new home comfortable, and safe. Here are a few tips to make sure you and your new fur-ball have an easy move-in.

If you have picked out a newly born kitten, often the owners of the momma cat want the babies adopted out by 6 weeks of age. It’s better for the kitten if you can hold them off and let her stay with her momma cat until she is about 10-12 weeks old. These extra weeks will allow your kitten to learn social skills with other cats and with humans, and make the move away less stressful.

A kitty needs some special comforts when she moves in. Be sure that she gets the right nutrition by feeding her food specially formulated for kittens until she is 1 year old. She will want her own blanket to cuddle and stay warm in. Make sure that her new bed is located in a quiet, low traffic area. To discourage scratching or clawing, make sure you have a new scratching post ready.

Be sure to kitty proof your house. Because of the saying about cats and curiosity, make sure she is safe. Secure window blind cords out of her reach, remove small items such as rubber bands, decorations, etc that she may choke on, and be sure to secure any poisonous plants out of the kitty’s normal play area. If something may be harmful for your toddler, it is probably also harmful for your kitty.

Introduce kitty to only one room at a time in your home. If you can make a room just for kitty, introduce that room first. Place her back in the carrier to take her to another room in the house. Speak to her quietly as she explores. If she climbs on something you do not want her on, simply remove her and place her back on the floor. Put her back in her carrier and take her back to “her room” for a bit before introducing a new room.

Make sure that you never leave your new kitten alone with another one of your pets until you are certain how they will adapt to each other. New kitty will want to know she is safe; other pets will be a little stressed out too. Make sure to give a little extra attention to the pets that are already in your home so that the new kitty will not feel like a threat to the attention you give them. If there is any growling or hissing or they are not getting along, remove the new kitty and take her back to her safe haven. Try re-introduction again the next day.

Avoid toys with buttons, bells, or any parts that can be pulled off and accidentally swallowed.

Be sure to have your new kitty checked out by your vet. There are vaccinations that are given at certain intervals and you want to make sure your kitty is protected from feline disease.

If you need to leave you new kitten home alone, be sure to set a radio station to talk radio, or classical music. These are the two genres kitties tend to like the most. Be sure to leave out kitten friendly toys to keep her occupied. Be sure to take time out of your day to play with her so she knows she is doing good.

Kittens are so much fun and give their owners so much joy! Want even more fun? Get Two Kittens!