Dexter is a beautiful 11 year old happy boy who broke his front leg while he and the family had just gotten to Florida to begin their vacation.  He had surgery 10 days ago in Florida where the docs put pins and a huge screw into his bones.  He cannot put any weight at all on his broken leg.  As you can imagine, getting Dexter up and moving is a real challenge.

His family has been amazing!  They got him home after the long drive and got him comfortable and acclimated.  They creatively devised a way to get him up and moving while keeping the leg immobilized.  They did this on their own without any help!

When Laura and I met Dexter and the Cowans he was having to have almost total support to hold most of his weight up so that he could go out for just a little.  Everyday his improvement has been exponential.  The last 2 nights Anne has been woke with Dexter standing in front of her face telling her it’s time to go out!  He wasn’t putting any weight on the leg at all.  I think he knows not to even try because he has learned by the efforts of his family.

Today Dexter went all around the yard and the neighbor’s without hardly any support.  At times Laura and I had a hard time just trying to keep up with him!

It has been truly amazing seeing his progress!  He has also begun losing weight which I think is helping his ambulation.

Where many would have thought Dexter’s time may have been up, the Cowans said no.  Their love for Dexter is overwhelming when you see the dedication they have made to bring him back to health.

Dexter still has a way to go but he is an amazingly strong willed fellow.  I think the docs will be impressed at how far he has come in so little time.  After all, he is a Cowan family member!