This is an article we found on FamilyPet NewsPAWpaper.  It is interesting for those of us who have big time slobber kings and queens…

Why do some dogs drool?

Many dogs drool for a variety of reasons. It’s common for dogs to drool, or salivate, at the sight or smell of savory foods such as meat, but drooling can also be a reaction to stress for some dogs. Other dogs drool when they are stimulated during playtime or during a run. Some dogs even drool when they get very excited, like when new people come over, or when they are riding in the car.

For many dogs, drooling is a straightforward consequence of their anatomy. Large dog breeds tend to have looser upper lips than small dogs, which causes drool to collect in the flaps. Slobbering and drooling is very common for large dog breeds like Mastiffs, Boxers and Saint Bernards.

While drooling might be normal for many dogs, sudden bouts of drooling or excessive drool might be an indicator of a dental or mouth problem. Cracked teeth, infected gums and allergic reactions can all contribute to a sudden increase in drooling. Nausea and digestive problems might also trigger excessive drooling.