PAWright Pet Services Mission:

Give love, care, and respect for pets while earning people’s trust when they need us

Our Story

PAWright Pet Services was founded by Laura because of love Animals.

All of our contracted staff has a verified history of working with animals of a wide variety.  They are very much animal lovers and are dedicated to their care!

We understand each pet is unique and must be cared for and loved in a way that is special to them.  It is important for us to get to know your pet so we can provide the quality one-on-one care your pet deserves.

I have obtained their pet first aid and CPR certifications for pet emergency care.

Laura Wright


I have cared for over 100 pets, including dogs, cats, birds (chickens, Parrots, and other exotics), lizards, ferrets, snakes.  Even some animals that should never be pets:  skunks, squirrels, hawks, owls, deer, bobcats and even kangaroos.

For Your Security and Safety

At PAWright Pet Services we understand the need for you to know your home and pet(s) safety and security are protected while you are not there.  We strive to do everything possible to make sure that happens. We will work with you based on your needs for security.
Our personal background checks are available upon request for ourselves as well as our staff.  Your information regarding you, your pet(s) and home will always be protected and never shared.  We thoroughly investigate all of our staff contractors with background checks and references.

All of our staff are insured and bonded through PAWright Pet Services, LLC.  The privacy and security of your home and pet(s) are our top priority and responsibility.

PAWright Pet Services is an insured and bonded.  We have been certified by Pet Sitters International, and take pet care very seriously.  Detailed information and references are available to you upon request.

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