Join Our Family at PAWright Pet Services!

Are you looking for an opportunity for a supplemental income source working with a wide array of pets?


At PAWright Pet Services, one person can make a big impact with helping people and their pet care needs.


If you:

  • Need a supplemental source of income
  • LOVE working with a wide array of ALL kinds of animals
  • Taking PRIDE in being dependable, responsible, and totally trustworthy to those depending on you
  • LOYAL to helping people and their furry, feathery, and scaly family members
  • Working your own INDEPENDENT business in the PAWright Family
  • Traveling across the Chattanooga area in DIVERSE indoor and outdoor settings
  • SET your own earning potential buy choosing the jobs you desire

We may have the opportunity FOR YOU!


We are looking for Independent Contractors who:

  • Have experience working with animals (ie. veterinary settings, farm settings, variety of pet history, pet sitting and animal walking experience)​
  • Have your own dependable transportation
  • Willing to travel throughout the day regularly
  • Dependable to be on time at jobs you have committed for your customer and their pets (animals don’t understand excuses for being late)
  • Clear a criminal background check
  • Able to walk considerable distances outdoors throughout a day in various weather conditions (this is not an office environment- we commit to pets regardless of rain, snow, heat, and cold settings- on the flip side,there are plenty of nice days where you not stuck in an office, a cubical, a store, or a factory)
  • Maintain the safety, security, and trust of the client, their family, their pets, and their homes as the top priority
  • Love and desire the benefits of creating lasting relationships with the animals you will bond with that only animal lovers know!

To apply:


We appreciate your interest in joining the PAWright Pet Services family. Below is information we are looking for from our applicants. As well as being able to work with animals, you must be able to have good written communication skills and be able to follow instructions precisely. We will use your responses to the below request to help us make these evaluations. Please take you time and read and complete as described.

If you want to earn supplemental income and would like to join the PAWright family, please complete the following 8 instructions when contacting us via the ‘Contact Us’ form:

  • Provide a brief statement describing your animal care background (paragraph is fine)
  • Tell us why your looking to be a pet sitter (other then the extra income)
  • Describe the hours you can work
  • Best describe your understanding of being an independent contractor vs. being an employee (it’s ok if you don’t know)
  • Can you pass a criminal background check?
  • Do you have reliable transportation?
  • Do you have access to a Smart phone, the internet, and can you text clients?
  • What areas in Hamilton County/North GA do you prefer to work (ex. East Brainerd/Ooltewah, Hixson/North Chattanooga, Ft. Olgethorpe/Ringgold, Soddy-Daisy, etc.)


9 + 9 =

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