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How do you determine the best sitter for your needs and what price best fits each scenario?


For your peace of mind, security and trust, consider the qualifications of the company and the pet sitter you choose.

PAWright Pet Services recommends you always insist on:

  • A company and sitter who is insured and bonded
  • Can provide individual sitter’s current and clear criminal background checks
  • Can provide client references
  • Appropriate business licenses
  • Documented terms of agreement
  • Has the experience and credentials to meet your pet(s) needs
  • Is a member of a professional and educational association specifically related to the pet sitting industry



Before determining and agreeing to a final price, meet with an appropriate representative and/or the primary sitter.

  • Can they properly meet your pet(s) needs in their own environment?
  • Do they document and understand your specific instructions and details to care for your pet(s)?
  • Do they actually see where your pet(s) are allowed and not allowed?
  • Can they locate where any items needed for the visits are located? ex. food, litter box(s), leashes, etc.
  • Most importantly, Does the sitter/company meet with both you and your pet(s) approval?

No one should have to pay to first meet a representative to help you decide on the right pet sitter! PAWright’s initial Meet and Greets/interview for meeting you and your pet(s) environment is FREE!

PAWright’s Visit Prices

PAWright’s pricing considerations are based on:

  • the number of pets cared for
  • complexity of specific services needed, if any
  • distance the nearest available sitter travels

In order to give a price estimate we need to know these considerations.

We give pricing estimates over the phone or an email through the Contact Us button. The finalized price is determined with our free Meet and Greets/interviews.

The free Meet and Greet helps you determine that PAWright can meet your needs! In most cases it is necessary for us to have a free Meet and Greet where we get a chance to meet you with your pet(s) prior to starting visits.

The Meet and Greets are free because we feel no one should have to pay to help you decide on a pet sitter.

The FREE Meet and Greets determine:

  • Your specific instructions so that we can document them
  • Does the pet approve of us?
  • The work and complexities the sitter must do to get the job done right
  • Schedule the sitter’s total time for your pet(s)
  • Determine distance and traffic conditions the sitter must travel
  • Agreed upon price for each visit


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